Department of Public Administration and Management. NUTN.


Past examination questions

Application for admission examination questions
★Since the 100th academic year, only interviews will be available for the designated project exams


Topics for the 98th academic year
Students are asked to use the materials provided in the series to write a essay on their own topic.

. From the perspective of a charismatic leader, find the most charismatic person in your mind (entrepreneurs, politicians, teachers), and analyze the source of his influence on you.

Note: Charismatic leaders mean that they have a vision and can clearly express their vision; can take risks; are sensitive to the environment; sensitive to the needs of their subordinates; they will engage in something that is considered novel and unconventional behavior.  


Topics for the 97th school year
As far as you can recall, please give a list of social activities you have participated in (or the operation of the most impressive group organization), and explain what you have gained from it.

Topics for the 96th academic year
My favorite extracurricular reading.