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Enrollment Guide for 110-year Master's In-service Class (Evening Class)
*Download the brochure of NTU 110 master's in-service special class

  • Body Distinction: On-the-job student
  • Enrollment quota: 19

A. Enrollment method
    a. Written review materials 60%

         1. Work experience and professional performance 40%

             1-1. Autobiography, related work experience 10%
             1-2. Professional license and professional qualification certificate 10%
             1-3. Professional work achievement 20%

               (Such as personal job title and performance, award records, creation, patents, inventions, publications and writings or other sufficient information to prove personal

                professional work achievements)

         2. Learning knowledge and related special performance 20%

             1-1. Study and training record 5%
             1-2. Research plan 15%

       ※【Document Review Form】download

    b. Interview: 40%

B. the same score selection order of admission
    a. Document review results 
    b. Interview results


C. Contact
Tel: (06) 2133111 ext. 631 Miss Lee

The important schedule of enrollment for the master's degree in the 110 academic year

The brochure is announced and available for download: from 109.11.25
Online registration date: 21.12.2020 (Mon) to 23.01.2021 (Mon) Registration URL:

How to submit application materials:
1. Registered mail: No. 33, Section 2, Shulin Street, West Central District, Tainan City, 70005, accepted by "National Tainan University Master Program Admissions Committee".
2. Delivery in person: Please submit the registration materials to the planning team of the school's academic affairs office (chengzheng building 1 Room 104, Building).
Address: No. 33, Section 2, Shulin Street, West Central District, Tainan City

Examination room announcement: 05.03.2021 (Fri), announced on the homepage of our school
Announcement of admission list: 29.03.2021 (Mon)
Send transcripts: 29.03.2021 (Mon)
Check in: 12.04.2021 (Mon)
Announcement is taking vacancies: 19.04.2021 (Mon) to the department website
Check-in for students: according to the time specified by the department