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Enrollment Guide for the Selection of Master's Programs for the 110 Academic Year
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  • Body Distinction: General Student
  • Enrollment quota: 5

A. Screening items and scoring methods
  1. Review the information

      The materials are sent together with the registration form, and the review materials include:

       1-1. A copy of the original transcript of the university or the highest academic year, which must be attached with a certificate of academic performance, and indicate the     

              number of students in the class (group) (accounting for 30%).

       1-2. An autobiography (including academic experience) (10%).

       1-3. A research plan: explain the topic, motivation, purpose, literature discussion, research methods and expected results, reference documents (research plan format and

              content please refer to the plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology of College Students) (accounting for 30% ).

       1-4. One copy of other reference materials (such as competition award certificate, honor certificate, published article, special report, college students' national science

              accounting drawing, foreign language ability certificate and other relevant documents that can prove research ability) (accounting for 30%) .

  2. Interview: 50%

       2-1. Interview: Conducted by oral examination, asking questions and explaining about autobiography, research plan and related issues.
       2-2. Those whose original interview scores do not reach 70 points will not be admitted

B. The same score selection order of admission
  1. Interview results

  2. Document review results

C. Contact
Tel: (06) 2133111 Extension 631 Miss Lee
Fourth, the 110th academic year, the important schedule of entrance examination for the master's degree

Announcement of the brief chapter and available for download: 31.08.2020 Announcement
Registration date: 21.09.2020 to 05.10.2020 All online registration, website:
Mailing the registration form and related materials is based on the postmark, and will not be accepted after the deadline.
Interview location announcement: 04.11.2020announcement on the department’s website
Interview date: 06.11.2020 (Fri)
Release: 16.11.2020 (Mon)
Send transcripts:16.11.2020(Monday)
Deadline for application review: 20.11.2020 (Fri)
Check in: 23.11.2020 (Mon)
Announcement is taking the vacancy: 27.11.2020 (Fri), please go to our department website
Check-in for students: 03.12.2020 (Thu)