Department of Public Administration and Management. NUTN.

About Us
  • Evolution

        Transformed in 2006 from the Social Education Department, the Department of Public Administration and Management of the National Tainan University is instituted to develop and nurture professional administrative management personnel needed by the government and private firms in the coming 21st century to achieve the goal of administrative renovation and economic development.

  • Characteristics

        Therefore, the programs are designed into two separate fields, Public Administration Program , and Management Program, cover both public and private sectors. Our programs integrate modern knowledge of industrial organization into the management of administrative institutes and public policies for the purpose of providing students deeper and wider understanding about the public and private sectors and the mutual interaction between them.

        Students based on their interests may have considerable flexibility in taking optional courses to develop needed administrative management skill. Their future career will be promising after graduation if coupled with language and information processing abilities.

  • The Educational Goals

        According to the evolution background and characteristics, the Department of Administrative Management has three educational goals.

  1. Nurturing professional administrative personnel needed by the government and firms.
  2. Enhancing both domestic and international cooperation and exchange in research and practicing experience.
  3. Providing both professional consultation and research services.
  • Career Planning for Student

        After graduation, students have three choices listed as follows:

  1. Continuing study in public administration and policy, politics, economics, law and business administration to pursue master or PH.D. Degree.
  2. Passing the national exams to work in the governmental institutes as a administrative staff.
  3. working in the private company as an administrative personnel.