Department of Public Administration and Management. NUTN.


Enrollment for the Master's Program of the Department of Administration and Management for the 110th Academic Year

Category: General Student
Enrollment quota: 14

  1. Exam subjects:
    Professional subjects:
    Select one of the following two subjects:
    1-1. Administration
    1-2. Management
  2. scoring method and admission criteria
    After the major subjects are converted to T scores, the best candidates will be admitted.

(For those whose scores cannot be converted into T-scores, the original scores will be used)

Participation and contact
Tel: (06) 2133111 Extension 631 
*Download the admissions guide for NTU 110 Master Program*

Important schedule for enrollment for the master's program
Registration date: 21.12.2020 (Mon) to 25.01.2021 (Mon)
Examination date: March 05.03.2021(Sat)
Admission announcement: 29.03.2021 (Mon)